The manufacturing facility at our company comprises of Resin Plant, Vertical Impregnator, Drier, Hydraulic Press, Material handling system, Shearing Machine, Trimming Machine etc.

FR-4 Grade of Copper Clad Laminate-IPC/NEMA standards

FR4 grade copper clad laminates ranging from 0.2mm to 3.2mm with copper thickness of 18/35/70 micron both single & double side. Copper clad laminates are used for making PCB (Printed circuit Board) which has wide range of application in computers. Communication equipment, Automatic control devices, Electronic apparatus, Military instruments, Aviation and Space.

FR4/G10 grades of Glass Epoxy Laminates IPC&NEMA standards

FR4/G10 grades of Glass epoxy laminates ranging from 0.2mm to 55mm thickness. These laminates have very good electrical, mechanical and insulation properties and have wide range of application in electrical insulation purposes, transformers. Due to high mechanical properties and strength these laminates are used for fabrication of various electrical and mechanical components.

Signour also undertakes fabrication work on Glass Epoxy Laminates as per Customer’s drawings.


Prepegs made of Glass fabric style 7628 with epoxy resin for MLB and as per customer requirement.

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